D & P Communications
Your Local Connection

Your Local Connection

April 26th, 2019

by Robert Parisien, President of D & P Communications


In 1898, D & P Communications was formed to solve a problem: bringing phones into rural homes in the Deerfield community. The evolution of our organization has seen the expansion of service areas, types of services, and rapid technology changes unknown to man before our recent history.

Through these many changes, challenges, and decades, we have remained dedicated to our communities. We live here. We play here. We are your neighbors and friends.

Being a local provider that cares, is available, and is engaged, is the core of our mission and is part of our DNA. Our company has expanded greatly since the days of providing telephone service to farmers but through the years we have stayed true to our roots.

Our local economy

Last year a survey was conducted by a local organization to identify the biggest needs of our county in regards to quality of life. Respondents identified bandwidth availability as something that should be a high priority for our communities in order to maintain our relevance for future generations. Will businesses and families in Lenawee and Monroe counties have the internet service needed to live and compete in the future economy?

Since the 1990’s, we have engaged in an aggressive strategy to answer that question in the affirmative. We have invested heavily in new service areas and upgrades to existing areas. Proving and improving fiber to home and business connections and fixed wireless services ensures that we stay ahead of the curve on the needs of our customers and communities.

With our expansion efforts, we’ve developed the connections, relationships, and local knowledge that nationally owned companies just don’t have. We leverage our knowledge and relationships to provide the very best service in our area to businesses as well as residences.

Local impact

When you need us, we’re here to help you. We don’t employ an off-shore support team – our sales, technical support, and customer service team are men and women you likely see at the grocery store or the ball field. You’re our family and friends and we want you to have the best possible experience with our company.

We are involved in the community in a number of ways. We are problem solving new developments to provide services that are crucial to businesses locating and expanding in our communities. We are sponsoring events throughout the year in our communities and some of our employees volunteer with local organizations as well.

We strive to hire and buy goods and services locally so that we can do our part to recycle money in our region and contribute to the economy in a way that large corporations do not. Our economic impact is also felt through hiring local employees that purchase goods and services from their communities.

Why local matters

A local internet service provider gives our communities options and innovation that would not be available if we had to rely solely on the large national companies. For businesses, we’ve provided the options they need to grow and the technology they need to succeed. We’ve upgraded our schools and municipalities to increase efficiency and improve infrastructure.

We’ve contributed to economic development efforts by collaborating to build industry that brings jobs to our local communities. We help local businesses with their technology structure so they can stay competitive in the marketplace.

Moving ahead, we are focused on the developing and implementing the technology that our communities will need for their homes and businesses so that Lenawee and Monroe counties remain a great place to live, work, and do business.