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Get ready to grow your business with TV advertising. No matter what type of business you own or how big you are, TV advertising is right for you. Get in front of your customers on the big screen with a brand-specific message that brings in results.

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Bring your brand message to the right audience with TV commercials and online advertising. Advanced analytics data makes it simple to find the customers who need your products or services. Based on your business, market, and message, we can help you deliver an advertising strategy that works for your business.

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Community Announcements

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Community advertising is one of the greatest ways to connect your brand to the local target market. Advertise your business on Channel 21 with our local feed. Free advertisements for community events and non-profit organizations are also available. Seasonal, single event promotions, or year-long ads can be submitted. Contact us by email at marketing@d-pcomm.com and provide details or artwork you would like to include.

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We Live Here.

Our roots are in Lenawee and Monroe Counties, starting in 1898.
That’s 125 years of Connecting You to What Matters Most!

We Work Here.

Since the 1990s we’ve made aggressive investments to provide the most reliable fiber infrastructure to our service areas.

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Connecting to our community is more than just fiber optics, we are honored to have worked with over 200 local organizations.