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About D & P Communications

Community partners since 1898 (yes really).

Our history goes back to 1898, when the Deerfield Farmers Telephone Company was first organized. During the 1990s we started offering cable television and Internet services as well as beginning construction on an extensive fiber optic network throughout Lenawee County and parts of Monroe.

As our network and service areas have continued to expand through the 2000s and 2010s, we’ve continued to make aggressive investments to ensure that our fiber infrastructure connecting service areas is well-resourced, secure, and capable of providing the industry leading quality of service that our customers rely on us for.

Our Team

From the front desk to the front line, Our people make it possible.

From our leadership to support staff to the guys in the truck making service calls, the people here at D & P make it possible. There’s a reason we provide great customer service. It’s because you’re our neighbor. You’ll see us in Meijer or at a football game, so we know we have to do our best every day to serve our community.

Our Team
Fiber Optic Network

Fiber Optic Network

The fastest, most reliable fiber optic backbone in the area

Customers outside of urban markets deserve the best service available, so we upgraded the equipment throughout our wireline markets so that residential customers can now receive up to 1 GBPS of Internet capacity.

Additionally our customers are able to now take advantage of over 290 of the industry’s best cable channels with Video-On-Demand and will soon have other advanced features, such as TV Everywhere.

Community Partners

We stay connected to our community

Our community partners are a key element of our brand. D & P Communications is honored to work with over 200 local organizations and associations, including:

Community Partners

You Can Count on D&P Communications

D & P’s service area includes many rural areas where fiber optic cable isn’t available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a fast Internet connection – you can! We offer several high speed Internet options for our customers in fixed wireless areas.