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You Have the Need, the Need for Speed

You Have the Need, the Need for Speed

We’ve quickly moved from the days of weird buzzing, dial-up routers, and chat rooms to binge watching and headphoned gaming evenings requiring lots of data. If buffering (or glitching as the kids say) is a problem in your home, it’s time to take a look at your current home internet needs.

With so many options for internet speed, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to figure out what is the best fit for your home and your family.  How can you find the sweet spot between not enough (and that dreaded loading line or circle) or paying for too much?

Your family’s normal online habits will help you find the answer.

How Much Data Do You Really Need?

The Career Couple — 25MB Home

Sal and Jenny live simply. Sal’s ipad really only comes out in the evening or on the weekends to check email or listen to one of his audiobooks. He occasionally streams episodes of Sherlock Holmes from his Amazon Prime account while Jenny is catching up on work using her Surface Pro. They typically don’t have more than two devices connected to the internet at one time. A smart internet speed for them is 25MB.


The Mini-Van Family — 75MB Home

Luke and Laura are connected-and so is their toddler who asks Alexa to play “Baby Shark” a hundred times a day. Their smart 4K TV is streaming Netflix while their 8th grader is playing Minecraft in the den. They typically have 3-5 devices connected at one time and 75MB is the smart internet speed for their busy home.


The Empty Refrigerator Family — 175MB Home

Since the last season of Fortnite dropped, the teenage boys in this home only appear when they are hungry. Steve and Jessi spend a lot of time transporting their children from one activity to another, and the entire family stays connected on their smartphones and social media-even their cat has its own Instagram account. They can easily have more than 5 devices connected at one time and 175MB is smart for the glitch-free needs of their home.


The Jetson Family — 250MB Home

Dave and Janelle have often joked that there may be people living there that they don’t know about – the laundry suggests that may be true. Their family has multiple 4K TVs and they stream their favorite movies in HD. Their kids gaming habits could be compared to training for the Olympics, and glitching causes a red-level emergency. They want the ultimate experience and a smart 250MB will not disappoint.


Your need for speed service will determine the best type of internet for your home. If your family or small business has a need for higher speeds, then consider a speed upgrade and keep all members of your household happy and connected.