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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

The world is very different right now and there are endless changes that we have to adapt to. Adjusting to life in a pandemic, our daily schedules have shifted immensely. We seem to be searching for any type of normalcy. Even though quite a lot of people have headed back to work in their offices, a large population is still working from home to reduce the number of people joined together in workplaces. What does this mean for our work days? Here are some tips for those of you working from home who need help feeling a little more normal while we all acclimate to a revised routine.

Create a Separate Workspace

When you are working in your home, it is beneficial to separate your work space from your living space. This helps focus into the work mindset without “taking work home with you” at the end of the day. If the room is available in your house, take over a guest room or office space. You can also designate a spot at the kitchen table or in your living room to set up shop. Any possible way to separate work and home life can help productivity during the day. This helps your transition when you do not have the chance to switch gears on your commute like a normal work day. If it is a room or just a corner, create a space that allows you to engage and be present when you are on the clock.

Establish a Morning Routine

Getting your day started can be a struggle no matter where you are headed during the day. When working from home, it may be harder to get things rolling with a commute sometimes only consisting of a few steps down the hall of your house. Whatever helps you focus on your work, if it is getting dressed or having a cup of coffee, keeping a morning routine can start your day off on the right foot. Get started at the same time every day, if possible, and keep a set guideline for your working hours. Paired with a designated work space, the daily pattern you establish in your morning gets you focused and ready for the work day.

Adequate Connectivity

Technology becomes the most crucial part of working from home. This is how you communicate with the outside world and stay connected with all of your coworkers in various locations. Internet issues can make your day quite complicated so it is important to have adequate bandwidth in your home. With more devices in use around the house, increasing bandwidth or adding a whole-home Wi-Fi solution can help keep you connected. If you also have children in the home that are learning virtually or doing homework online, D & P Connect Pro can control what devices can be used and spreads out the Wi-Fi connection to every area of your home. If each person in the home has suitable Internet connectivity, then things can run more smoothly for everyone.

Open Communication

It is always important that you effectively communicate with your colleagues to get everyone on the same page. This is even more important when you are not all working in the same place. Miscommunication or lack of communication can be one of the biggest struggles when working from home. Focusing on keeping each coworker in the loop will ease any issue that arises within your company. If you email someone, make sure you are adding the correct parties. When calling one another, ensure that you are conferencing in anyone that needs to be added to the conversation. A lot of work requires collaboration. When you are not sharing the same building, it is important to include everyone so you can receive all of the valuable input your coworkers have to offer.


So essentially, you need to create an environment within your home that is ideal for focus and productivity. That is the most important thing to take away from these work suggestions. Everyone is going to have different obstacles that they need to overcome when working from home. From dealing with children running around your house, excessive noise from your neighbors, or Internet connectivity issues, everyone has something they have to work through. Creating a separate workspace, establishing a morning routine, setting up adequate connectivity, and having open communication with your coworkers are all ways to help your work day to remain productive and tolerable. Remember to also enjoy positives during this time, like a shorter commute and not having to use public bathrooms. Let’s hope that all of this change is temporary and our lives will get back to normal before we know it.