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Why Lenawee County’s daily newspaper chose D&P Communications

Why Lenawee County’s daily newspaper chose D&P Communications

November 23rd, 2015

Why Lenawee County’s daily newspaper chose D&P Communications

As the publisher of Lenawee County’s only daily newspaper, Rob Young knows that his business needs to run 24/7 … and so do his phones and his internet connection. Whether it’s the high school football coach calling in a score at 10 p.m., the advertiser who urgently needs to contact their sales representative, or the newspaper across the state that needs to send a set of high-resolution files in for printing, The Daily Telegram can’t afford to be without reliable communication for so much as a minute.

So when Rob set out to replace the Telegram’s aging telephone system with one that could meet all the needs of a 21st-century company, he turned to D&P Communications.

“We had an old analog system that we’d been limping along with for years,” Rob explains. “But in this business, when people are trying to contact you, they want you now.”

That means employees need direct-dial lines at their desks. It means they need to be able to check their voicemails from wherever they are, whether it’s on a cell phone, a laptop computer or a tablet. It means they need to be able to set their desk lines to forward to a cell phone number.

The 50-line Digium Switchvox system that D&P installed for the Telegram can do all of that and more.

Our techs came in, sat down with Rob and his staff, and figured out exactly what the Telegram would need. Working together, we put together a plan that would meet both the Telegram’s needs and its budget — and that could be implemented without any extra hassles for Rob and his team.

“I’m not a tech guy,” Rob says. “What I want is for the system to be here, we flip the switch, and it works. And D&P was able to provide that.”

Besides the quality of the phone service, Rob says the redundancy and high capacity of D&P’s fiber optic network is reassuring. “It’s the lifeline of our connection to our customers — our subscribers, our advertisers, our commercial customers who are uploading files for us to print,” he says.

And because we’ve invested in extra capacity throughout our coverage areas, Rob knows he has room to grow in the future.

On top of all that, Rob says, he’s glad he was able to “shop local” and purchase a high-quality service from a locally owned company.

“Our relationship with D&P is a great example of two local companies partnering and finding solutions,” he says.