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Why D & P Doesn’t Do New Fiber Installations in the Winter

Why D & P Doesn’t Do New Fiber Installations in the Winter

We know it can be exciting to switch internet service or cable providers. Whether it’s faster speeds, saving money, or just wanting to get rid of the big cable companies to shop local, switching to a company like D & P Communications can feel great. What’s not so great is when you’re told you’re not going to be able to switch during the winter.

This can be downright disappointing. So why can’t you get installed in the winter if you’ve never had service with us? Or, if you’ve just purchased a new home and are looking for first time services. There are a number of reasons why this is so let’s go over them.

Can’t Dig Trenches When the Ground is Frozen

When the ground freezes our installers can’t cut trenches in the ground to bury the fiber optic cables. This is the primary reason that installations stop in the winter. You may be saying to yourself, “Sure it’s winter, but it’s 50 degrees out.” This might be true, but when fiber optic providers set dates to stop installations for the season, we do it based on historical weather. During the winter months our installers and techs may be rerouted to other projects that we put off until that time of the year.

Can’t Lay it on the Ground

Fiber optic cable is brittle when it’s cold. Unlike coaxial cable, we can’t lay it on the ground during the winter and wait for the ground to thaw out. So, for several months of the year we can’t run fiber to your home.

We Don’t do Aerial Installations

If you’ve ever had an ice storm, strong wind, or even the occasional nibbling squirrel take a power line down, you know how long it takes to restore that power. To prevent this, we bury our fiber to protect our customers from this happening to them with their internet lines. We know that it can limit us installing someone in the colder months, but long-term, it’s what’s most beneficial for you the customer.


Our goal is to provide the fastest internet as well as the best voice and television service possible for our customers. We also deliver it in a way that will protect that fiber from the elements. That means for some of our service areas winter is a tough time for new services.

Cities Affected by Winter Installation Limitations:
New Fiber Builds to the City of Petersburg

But let’s not forget, if your home has ever had services with us, or you live in an area that isn’t served by fiber optics (at least not yet), you can still get services installed any time of the year.

Cities that Aren’t Affected by Winter Installation Limitations:
Summerfield Township

If you have any questions on whether you can be installed during the winter months, please contact one of our customer service representatives. They’ll be happy to find the solution that can work for you.