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What is killing your Wi-Fi?

What is killing your Wi-Fi?

Is your wireless Internet connection not performing as well as you want it to? The issue may be affecting the Wi-Fi in your home and restricting your signal range. When you discover what could be blocking it, you can then determine the best solution to get a sufficient connection throughout your whole home. Let’s look at some of the most common factors in slowing down a Wi-Fi connection.


For the best wireless connection, you need to get an uninterrupted signal from your router, this means identifying a central location in the home to place it. The wireless Internet signal can go in all directions from the equipment, so keeping the router positioned in a central location will prevent the connection from going outside of your living space or not covering all areas. This also means that placing the router on a shelf can assist with distributing the signal equally between the floor and ceiling. Placing the router at a median height allows for the connection to spread out evenly above and below the router instead of sending the signal directly into your floor or ceiling.

Avoid Obstructions

There are some things in your home that could potentially disrupt your Internet signal as well. Brick or concrete walls create a thicker barrier for the Wi-Fi signal to pass through. Rooms, such as kitchen and laundry rooms, where metal appliances are present can have more signal disruptions as well as difficulty traveling through those materials. Other materials, such as metal duct work within the home, can also negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal. If you are having these connection issues with your wireless Internet, it is best to look for any of these significant interferences. If those are not causing the problem, that is when you should consider adding a wireless system, such as D & P Connect Pro, to your home network.

Wireless Extender vs. Whole-Home Wi-Fi Mesh Network

How can you get a solid wireless connection all throughout your home? Two of the most popular ways to improve your home Wi-Fi Internet connection are by adding wireless extenders or installing a whole-home mesh network. A wireless extender works with your router to extend the existing wireless signal to a new location that may be experiencing obstructions from the router placement. If the network is not covering your home with just the router alone, the extender spreads the Internet connection across a wider range.

The Wi-Fi extender can be a less expensive option, but it will not have the same network speed and advanced smart technology that you can get with a whole-home Wi-Fi mesh network. The mesh product pairs directly with your existing Wi-Fi and works with each access point that is strategically placed throughout the house. Using the same network helps your devices transfer the wireless signal seamlessly between each point. The whole-home Wi-Fi can be maintained through a smartphone app making set up and software updates easier to manage.

Whole-Home Wi-Fi from D & P

D & P Connect Pro is a smart, whole-home Wi-Fi system with the most powerful network possible. The access points or pods are placed around the home to spread out the broadband connection to all areas of the residence. Unlike other mesh network systems, Connect Pro continuously learns about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most, and it gets better each day. Using breakthrough cloud-based technology powered by artificial intelligence, it provides you with full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it.


To get the most out of your wireless Internet, it is important to assure your equipment is working efficiently. If your router is not providing the Wi-Fi connection you need, make sure the router is placed in an optimal location with minimal obstructions in order to reach all areas of the home. When the router is strategically placed within the home, but still will not reach every room, then it is time to explore a whole-home Wi-Fi system to have full wireless coverage. To learn more about D & P Connect Pro, please visit https://www.d-pcomm.com/connect-pro.php.