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What Is a Fiber-Optic Network?

What Is a Fiber-Optic Network?

When using high-speed internet, people don’t typically think about the technology that delivers this service to their home or business. Learn the advantages of using a fiber-optic network when compared to the traditional broadband internet option.

How This Network Operates

Used for decades to transmit large volumes of data across long distances, fiber-optic cables use flexible glass strands bundled together and protected by an insulated casing. Traditionally, the final connection from a cross-country fiber-optic system to each home or business in a community had been accomplished through coaxial cables or phone lines. These are less efficient than fiber cables, which means they yield slower data download internet speeds.

It’s now becoming more prevalent to complete a full fiber-optic network by replacing the stretch of a phone line or coaxial cable to a home or business with fiber-optic cables. This leads to higher internet speeds, something that customers place in high demand, both here in our service area in southeast Michigan and across the nation.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fiber Optics?

Fiber-optic networks offer many benefits to consumers, communities, and businesses. They include the following:

Because fiber-optic cables have a greater capacity for carrying data, they can easily be rated as high as 1 Gigabit per second, much higher than broadband. For example, if your broadband download speed is 20Mbps, an HD 2-hour movie would take around 30 minutes to download, while a fiber-optic connection would download the movie in under a minute. In the fiber-optic network itself, fewer signal boosters are needed since light delivers data more efficiently than electricity does over longer distances. The resulting signal is cleaner, too, since fiber optics are less susceptible to interference.

All these benefits translate into a faster, better high-speed internet experience. While fiber is still being implemented in residential homes across the country, businesses have been seeing its benefits for some time now. If you’d like to learn more about the individual internet, cable, and voice packages that we can provide your home or business, reach out to D & P Communications by calling 800-311-7340. Want to build a custom fiber-optic network for your business? Fill out our form to get a custom business quote.