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Watching TV With Family Can Increase Quality Time

Watching TV With Family Can Increase Quality Time

Many people choose to spend quality time with their families while gathered around the TV at home. Does this count as spending quality time together? Most would say yes!  While life can have us stretched thin with overbooked schedules, families are opting for relaxation when they finally have free time to spend with one another. Renting new movies or binge watching your favorite shows are great ways to come together when life is pulling us in so many directions. After enjoying a meal together while conversing about your day, some family TV time is the perfect way to end the night when all you need is time to unwind.

Learning Life Lessons

When you have younger children in the home, regulating screen time can be important to development, but not all media entertainment is bad for your kids. There’s a lot of educational programming available that will help children learn about all different topics they may not cover in a classroom. Shows like Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies teach children basics such as letters and numbers, but also show them how to be kind to one another and to help other people in need. Seeing the different people and places portrayed by these programs can also expand cultural understanding in children. When the Puppy Dog Pals travel around the world, kids will get to explore the Eiffel tower in Paris, France or the Pyramids in Egypt without leaving their own neighborhood.

Viewing Shows Together

Enjoying media has become very individualized with all of the entertainment we can watch on phones, tablets, and laptops. Kids can spend a ridiculous amount of time playing video games or on social media if you let them. When you are all watching the same thing, no one will not get lost in their own world like they do with individual activities. If your family plans to gather around and watch TV together, this can spark discussions about the program or just general quality interactions with your children and/or spouse.

Limited Technology Time

All good things should be enjoyed in moderation. Surely, spending all of your quality time watching TV is not an ideal way to bond. Limiting the time spent in front of the TV to a certain time of night when everyone is calming down before bed, rainy days when you want to stay inside and cuddle, or every Tuesday night when your favorite show airs is a positive way for your family to connect.

There is a downfall to this age of modern technology that has reduced face-to-face communication and probably developed many more homebodies who do not want to leave the house. With that in mind, if you use technology as a positive experience, you can bring your family together rather than furthering the divide. Using this time as a family bonding activity can positively affect the TV watching experience.

Within reason, TV time can be great quality time with your family. When everyone puts down their phones and tablets to enjoy the same programs together, this can help promote a stable family structure and closer relationships within the home.