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Trend Alert: Consumers Opting for Advanced Programming Features

Trend Alert: Consumers Opting for Advanced Programming Features

September 23rd, 2014

With the rise in Internet-based video streaming services, there has been talk of the demise of cable television as we know it. However, here at D & P Communications, we are finding that the trend is not toward “cutting the chord” and that rather the trend is in the direction of consumers wanting advanced television features.

This makes sense, as cable television still offers marked benefits over Internet-based video streaming.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of reasons our customers may be opting for our cable television services instead of “cutting the cord”:


D & P has realized this trend towards advanced programming and continues to make investments in our cable services to keep up with the times. We have made changes in our programming options by adding new channels and more specialized options for our customers. We have also developed advanced services such as video on demand and continue to work on signing new programming contracts that include TV Everywhere options that we can implement in the future.

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