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Top Tech Products for Pet Owners

Top Tech Products for Pet Owners

November 4th, 2021

Recent trends are showing that pet owners are treating their pets more like children than ever before. Pet product companies are continuously coming up with smarter ways to take pet care into the digital world. Everything from GPS tracking collars to treat-tossing cameras, there are products for every pet owner out there.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pets are not the cleanest of house guests. With the hair and dirt that comes with each animal, your vacuum will be quite busy trying to keep up. Using a smart vacuum cleaner, such as a Roomba, can lighten the load of cleaning up after your pets. Through a Wi-Fi connection and an app that can be used as a remote, the robot vacuum can clean floors with a press of a button. Now, there are also robot mops to help with whatever mess covers the floors in your home. With the additional cleaning help around the house, it makes pet ownership easier to manage.

Litter Robot & Auto Feeder

For all the cat lovers out there, cleaning out the litter box becomes a real hassle. To reduce scooping litter every few days to keep up with the mess and odor, cat owners can invest in the automatic cleaning litter boxes. Some of the smart litter boxes on the market can even be controlled with an app so you can monitor waste levels and receive cleaning reminders.

For all pet owners, feeding your furry family member is a top priority every day. Companies have designed smart pet feeders and water dispensers for people with busy schedules that need an extra helping hand taking care of their pet. If you are not home for any extended period of time, feeders are water dispensers are important to refill these bowls for your pet while you are out. These smart products can help pet owners manage food and waste to help with daily chores.

Pet Cameras

Do you ever wonder what your pet is doing when you are not around? The pet product market has designed cameras to keep an eye on man’s best friend when you are away. Products such as Furbo allow you to communicate with your pet with two-way audio. This camera even allows for some interaction with an attached treat-tossing device that you can operate through an app. The app also sends barking alerts to know when your dog is making noise so you can find ways to keep them calm. With alerts sent right to your phone when there is any activity, you will have peace of mind when your pet is at home alone.

Smart Pet Toys

 Hectic schedules can sometimes make it difficult for you to provide your pet with the time and attention they deserve. Smart pet toys have hit the shelves to keep your pet moving with everything from interactive bones to automatic ball launchers for playing fetch. Smart interactive bones use Bluetooth that allows you to control where the toy moves and includes an auto play option that makes the toy react to your pets’ touch. Automatic ball launchers are motorized toys to play fetch with your dog that is designed for you to easily teach them how to refill the machine. Even if your days get busy, these interactive toys can keep your pet entertained all day long.

GPS Tracking & Invisible Fences

The safety of a pet while outdoors is a huge concern for most dog owners. Some dogs will run when escaping a home or yard that is not secure. GPS location tools have been created to keep track of your pet when they are outside of a designated safe zone that you program for them. These can be added to their collar so you can follow their location anywhere they go with your phone. They can also be used to track physical activity of your dog to meet health goals. Some homes without physical fences are investing in invisible fencing to set boundaries around their home to keep pets in the yard. They work through radio frequencies that are connected to the smart collars to alert your dog when they come too close to the borders of the fence cables laid underground.


Everything from feeding and hygiene to safety and play, smart technology for pets has come a long way. There are endless ways to care for your pet to keep them happy and healthy each time you are away from home. Check out these smart products to see what would make your life as a pet owner easier, and make your pet feel even more like part of the family.