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The Truth About Internet Speeds

The Truth About Internet Speeds

Many people use an internet speed test website to test their network performance. But are speed tests an accurate way to measure performance? The answer is no. The speed test only tests the speed at which the device used is able to access the Wi-Fi network. You might see different results on a speed test at different times of day, depending on what other devices are in use and how many users are on the larger network. The age and capability of the device you use to run the speed test can also affect the results, as well as the overall radio frequency environment in your home.

Our D & P technicians often perform speed tests directly from the modem to determine whether customers are getting their full bandwidth, but the total picture of network performance cannot be understood without considering the particular devices, user consumption patterns, and radio frequency environment.

In short, an internet speed test can be a useful tool, but it is not always an accurate measure of the overall bandwidth in your home. If you notice a variation between your speed test and your bandwidth, you might want to investigate some of the factors that can affect the results.

Some aspects impacting Wi-Fi performance include not having enough bandwidth in your home when shared among all of the devices running the network. Router location and capacity can also impact connection. The position of the equipment may cause issues reaching each room of a home without a wireless extender. Depending on the capability and age of the router, the Internet may not be streaming at its’ full capacity, so the equipment needs to be updated periodically.

Wi-Fi can experience interferences that can affect the performance of the connection. The radio frequency sending the signal around the home can become distorted. Though adding new devices can cause more strain to the connection, some older devices alone can also slow down your entire network.

While Wi-Fi comes with its own unique set of challenges, it is important to keep in mind all of the ways it makes our lives easier. Talk to us today about your Internet speed within your home and what kind of connection your family needs to keep your network running smoothly.

How much speed do you need for streaming?
4K Smart TV 25 Mbps
Laptop Computer 25 Mbps
Video Game 20 Mbps
Cell Phone 10 Mbps
Stream TV App 8 Mbps
Social Media App 5 Mbps
Smart Device 5 Mbps
Security Camera 5 Mbps