D & P Communications
Stopping problems before they start

Stopping problems before they start

Remember the Maytag Repairman? Maytag washers were built so well, the story went, that the Maytag Repairman was the loneliest man in town.

D & P Communications maintains a highly skilled technical support team to troubleshoot any problems you may have. But ultimately, our desire is that you should never have to call them at all.

That means we work hard to stop problems before they even start. How do we do that? Here’s a look at some of the ways.

We check our network constantly. Many of our customers receive Internet, Phone, and Cable services through hybrid fiber-coaxial cable facilities, or HFC. To guard against any issues developing in this system, we have a team of technicians focused on traveling throughout our coverage area, testing the equipment that keeps these connections running and performing preventative maintenance. They’re out in our communities 12 months of the year, from the hottest day of summer to the coldest day of winter, making sure our HFC systems are in top working order.

We bury all our cables. Some service providers strand their cables on telephone poles, but D & P’s fiber optic network is 100 percent underground. If you’ve ever had your power knocked out by an ice storm or a downed tree limb, you know why this is so important. Buried cables are just plain more reliable. They also cost more to install, but we’re in this for the long haul, and we feel the investment is worth it.

We’ve built our network to be redundant. Even with buried cables, things can happen. If a system isn’t designed well, all it takes is one contractor accidentally hitting a cable with a backhoe to cut you off from the world. But we’ve built D & P’s fiber optic network with plenty of redundancies, so that if anything does happen, the data can be rerouted so fast that you won’t even know there was an interruption.

We catch problems early. Our network is built with monitoring systems and alarms designed to catch faults instantly. If something goes wrong, our alarm system sends a notification straight to our field techs’ smartphones so that we can fix the problem quickly.

All our offices have backups … and more backups. Nobody wants to lose their Internet service because there was a power outage somewhere across town. Each of our data hubs is equipped with battery backups and generators to make sure that even if the office is affected by a power outage, we can continue providing service to you.

Those are just a few of the ways we’re working to make D & P’s Internet, Phone, and Cable services the most reliable in the area. Reacting to problems isn’t enough. We know that the best way to serve you is to stop them from happening in the first place.