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Smart Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

Smart Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

Let’s get physical! When and where are you fitting in your exercise routine? Many people have moved their workouts to the comfort of their own homes after gyms became affected by the pandemic. Daily schedules may have changed up for some, but there are still plenty individuals out there who continue to focus on their health and wellness. What are these fitness lovers using to stay in tip-top shape? They might be trying out the newest smart exercise equipment on the market. These products include devices that connect to the Internet to help guide you through your workouts. Let’s take a look at what some of the top companies have to offer.


Peloton has stationary bikes and treadmills that include a membership to access fitness classes that have something to match every workout level. They offer live and on demand classes with world-class instructors to encourage you through your workout session. The classes include weight training, yoga, and much more. All of your progress is recorded and tracked with heart monitors and cycling shoes so you compare and compete with other Peloton users. This fitness product brings the spin class right to your home.


Tonal is a strength training system with digital weights that control resistance to give you an efficient and individualized workout. The equipment includes a touchscreen that attaches to your wall and has a variety of programs for you to follow along with and coaches to motivate you along the way. Tonal will also track your strength and show you all the progress you have made so each time you can try to beat your own personal record. You can join virtual group workouts as well to find a team of people that help to empower each other.


Mirror is an interactive workout system created by lululemon that has advanced camera technology to record your movement and give you feedback on using correct form. The classes are available live and on demand with an all-access membership that includes up to six members of your household to create individualized profiles. You can add a friend’s account or you have an entire community of Mirror users to choose from. The small, sleek design makes this equipment a good fit for home without the extra space for workout gear.


NordicTrack makes a variety of smart gym products including treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and strength training equipment. These products include automatic trainer control for optimizing workouts that include resistance and incline changes. Among the strength training equipment, they have designed the Vault that features a home gym system with freestanding storage all hidden behind their workout mirror with reflective technology. For members who need low-impact features, they have two different elliptical designs with settings to fit all fitness levels. One subscription with their app, iFit, gets you access to stream trainer-led classes or work with a live professional on any of the NordicTrack equipment.


FightCamp is made up of smart kickboxing equipment and workouts that provide high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The kits include smart boxing gloves with hand sensors and a workout mat providing you with tips to get proper form and technique while showing your real-time progress. There are short rest periods between rounds that allow recovery while still keeping your heart rate up. This product is great for people who may be too busy for a kickboxing session at a studio, but greatly benefit from trainers to push them and keep them motivated throughout their workout.

Let’s Get Moving

After getting the rundown of a few workout systems out there, what would best fit your lifestyle? There are now many options for fitness that do not require going to the gym. Technology has helped us bring the gym to our home without missing a beat. The advancement and innovation of these exercise products is more sophisticated than we have ever seen before. So, we have to ask, are you going to take your workout virtual?