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Rising Costs of Streaming TV Platforms

Rising Costs of Streaming TV Platforms

When it comes to pricing, many people think that cable tv is too expensive versus tv streaming, but when you combine the subscriptions from various streaming services, cable TV pricing is actually comparable and, in some cases, less expensive when bundled with Internet. Streaming platforms are progressively raising their monthly prices each year and when you compare the household streaming services average (four streaming services per home as of December 2020), the cost is around the $80 – $100 per month range. While you can get YouTube TV or Fubo TV for the same price as your middle of the road cable package, you may need additional subscriptions to round out the content you would like to include, which continues to add to the bottom-line cost.

To help with saving money, some consumers will even look to borrow a family member’s account when they do not want to pay for their own subscription. Are you guilty of this? No worries, everyone is doing it! But please know, certain platforms are working to put a stop to this. As a matter of fact, Netflix is working on ways to deter password sharing as we speak. Eventually, the luxury of sharing streaming passwords will come to an end and everyone will be required to sign up for their own account.

Another reason to consider keeping your cable subscription is the savings you get when you bundle with your Internet service. Cable TV and Internet bundles are going to be your best bet to winning this war on price. Streaming providers often tout that there’s no contract with their services. One of the benefits of choosing D & P Communications, is that we don’t have contracts for residential customers either. It’s the same risk, with a savings reward.

Keeping It Simple

When operating a smart TV with multiple apps, sometimes things can get quite complicated when maneuvering around from platform to platform. Life is crazy enough, finding and tuning into your favorite sporting event shouldn’t be. Just when you think your streaming service offers a certain channel, only to realize, another service needs to be subscribed to.  Or, when you have 6 devices streaming simultaneously (thanks kids), and the big game starts, and now we’re buffering! Time to increase that non-bundled bandwidth…more cost!


Although the perception seems to be that tv streaming services are the new fancy, cheaper TV option for the home, it is important to do an apples-to-apples comparison before deciding to “cut the cord”. And, don’t forget about adding the cost of the Internet to that comparison. After all, streaming relies heavily on a solid Internet connection. At D & P Communications, we are on a mission to earn your business. Not only do we have excellent local customer service, but we have five offices located throughout Lenawee County and Monroe County, and we are here to serve you! For those who have opted out of out of cable TV services, we hope you’ll give us another shot. Build your bundle today!