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D & P’s Commitment to Quality and Accessibility


D & P Communications takes pride in providing you with the highest quality services and local accessibility. Southeast Michigan is a tight-knit community, and we understand that! Our employees, families, and friends live in the neighborhoods we serve, and because of this, we truly care for our customers and their communities.

Quality Services

D & P Communications provides the absolute best and most convenient services possible, including:

  • Online bill pay – For your convenience, D & P offers online bill pay and paperless billing. Create an account to monitor your billing, or use the Quick Pay feature to take care of your payment in no time!
  • Cutting edge technologies – D & P is always on top of the latest technologies. Whether you’re looking for TV recording capabilities, high-speed fiber Internet, or wireless services, D & P is sure to have what you’re looking for.
  • Security—As D & P has built its network, we’ve avoided taking short cuts and planned for the future by including redundancy. Our fiber routes are dense with resources and built with a ring architecture, so that our customers have maximum uptime. D & P also builds its facilities underground, rather than on exposed and aging telephone poles, protecting the network from catastrophic events.


D & P strives to preserve our accessibility and local feel. Instead of being routed to call centers over-seas, with D & P you can get in touch with a real, local person. With five local offices in Adrian, Dundee, Petersburg, Blissfield, and Tecumseh, D & P is nearby and available to solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Sign Up With D & P Today!

D & P Communications provides phone, cable TV, Internet, and long distance services to customers in Southeast Michigan. To learn more about D & P’s services, or to sign up, call (734) 279-1339!

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