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What You Need to Know About 4K HD

By: marketing | Published January 17, 2020

The future of television has been bestowed upon us. 4K compatible televisions are making their way into our homes and onto our streaming devices. The thing about this brand-new viewing feature is, it comes with terms and conditions, as does most new technology. The resolution is beyond anything you have watched before, as this feature has four times the pixel count of your average HD display. The detail and flow in th...

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Why D & P Doesn’t Do New Fiber Installations in the Winter

By: marketing | Published January 9, 2020

We know it can be exciting to switch internet service or cable providers. Whether it’s faster speeds, saving money, or just wanting to get rid of the big cable companies to shop local, switching to a company like D & P Communications can feel great. What’s not so great is when you’re told you’re not going to be able to switch during the winter. This can be downright disappointing. So why can’t you get ins...

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is your router slowing you down?

Is Your Router Slowing You Down?

By: marketing | Published January 2, 2020

If you have noticed that the Internet has slowed down on your smart devices, evaluating the equipment connecting your home is a good place to look. Bandwidth usage has grown immensely over the years. When a house used to have 2-4 devices on average in 2012, the household now averages at about 10-12 devices in 2020. Not only are there more devices being used in a home, but we are using them for more of our daily tasks such...

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