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Our Blissfield office is TEMPORARILY CLOSED for renovations, however you can still drop payments off in the drop box. For additional assistance, all other offices remain open or you can contact us at (800) 311-7340.




Where To Place Your Wi-Fi Router

By: marketing | Published August 31, 2021

Have you ever experienced issues with the wireless Internet connection in your home? Even with the fastest Internet speeds, does your connection seem slower in certain areas? The placement of your router is vitally important to ensure a stable wireless connection. In this article, we will discuss things to consider prior to setting up your router to ensure the best Wi-Fi experience possible. Placement For the best ...

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Super Hero Drawing & Story Contest

By: marketing | Published August 31, 2021

D & P Communications is running a drawing and story contest this fall. To enter, your child will need to create themselves as their own unique superhero, complete with name and back story. The winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, and a custom stand-up cutout of their character that has been enhanced and digitized by a graphic artist*. There will be one winner per grade chosen. Submit the completed sheet by...

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Brain Boost

By: marketing | Published July 16, 2021

What is Brain Boost? Brain Boost is D & P Communications’ children’s programming that’s here to educate, entertain, and enrich young minds this August. We’ve partnered with community members to bring science, arts, reading, and movement videos into Lenawee and Monroe homes. It airs daily starting August 1, 2021 through August 31st on Channel 21 and YouTube at 10 AM, 6 PM, and story time at 8 PM...

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