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Kids Internet Safety

Kids Internet Safety

In the digital age, ensuring the safety of children online has become a paramount concern for parents. With the rapid evolution of technology, protecting children from potential risks and harmful content can be a daunting task. However, Plume, an innovative platform, offers a range of kid safety features that empower parents to create a secure and nurturing online environment for their children. D & P has partnered with Plume to bring customers D & P Connect Pro. Plume provides an app for users to control all the available control and safety features of their home Wi-Fi.

Content Filtering & Parental Controls

Plume provides comprehensive content filtering and parental control options, allowing parents to regulate and monitor their children’s online activities. Parents can set age-appropriate filters to restrict access to inappropriate websites, applications, or explicit content. Plume’s intuitive interface empowers parents to customize these settings based on their child’s maturity level, ensuring a safe browsing experience. The threat protection feature can also help protect children from potential online threats including malware, phishing attempts, and cyber-attacks. This way, children can explore the digital world without being exposed to harmful elements that may compromise their safety or privacy.

Time Management

One of the crucial aspects of kid safety is managing their screen time effectively. Plume offers time management features that enable parents to set time limits for internet usage. Parents can create schedules to control when devices are accessible. This helps children strike a healthy balance between online engagement and other activities such as homework, physical activities, or family time.

Safe Browsing & Social Media Monitoring

Plume’s safe browsing feature ensures that children are shielded from unsafe websites and online predators. It employs intelligent algorithms to analyze website content and blocks access to harmful or inappropriate sites. Additionally, Plume offers social media monitoring capabilities, allowing parents to track their child’s social media activity and identify any potential risks or cyberbullying situations.

Wi-Fi Pause & Bedtime Mode

Plume’s Wi-Fi pause feature gives parents the ability to instantly pause internet access on specific devices or for the entire network. This feature proves beneficial during family meals, study time, or when children need a break from their screens. For example, a parent could use this feature to turn off connection to a PlayStation until their child completes their designated chores. Moreover, the bedtime mode enables parents to set designated hours when the internet connection is automatically disabled, promoting healthy sleep routines.

Comprehensive Reporting & Insights

Plume provides detailed reports and insights about children’s online activities, giving parents a comprehensive overview of their digital behavior. Parents can monitor the websites visited, apps used, and the duration of screen time. This information helps identify potential concerns or patterns that require attention, enabling parents to address any issues right away.


With Plume’s helpful kid safety features, parents can embrace the digital world while ensuring their children’s well-being. From content filtering and parental controls to location-based services, Plume offers a complete approach to online safety which we offer through D & P Connect Pro. By utilizing these features, parents can foster a secure and nurturing online environment. This allows their children to explore, learn, and grow while staying protected from potential risks. Plume can help protect the next generation in an ever-changing digital world.