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Introducing D & P TV Streaming

Introducing D & P TV Streaming

In July 2022, D & P is releasing a new way for customers in our fiber areas to watch live TV. Traditionally D & P used cable boxes to deliver its television to customers’ homes. This limited the experience to just televisions. But now, our fiber customers, can switch to a new streaming app to receive their cable on most devices in their home.  There are some key benefits and differences that will need to be considered before making the switch. Let’s discuss!

What Are the Differences?
D & P TV Streaming differs from traditional cable in several ways. The obvious one is that it’s delivered over your Internet service. So, to be a D & P TV Streaming customer you’ll need to have at least a 75 Mbps Internet connection with D & P. The second difference is that it’s not limited to a television. The D & P TV Streaming app is available in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, as well as the Amazon App Store. We also offer a streaming box if you don’t have a streaming device. The app is free to download, and we’ll provide you with a username and password when you sign up. From there you’ll be free to start streaming as soon as you’re a D & P fiber Internet customer. If you already are, then you can get streaming immediately.

Look for the D & P TV Streaming App Logo

Because of this, there’s another difference. You’ll need to choose how many concurrent streams you’ll need in your home. You could have 10 simultaneous streams spread across all your devices (TVs, tablets, and/or smartphones). But if you’re the only one in the house, you’ll probably only need the minimum of 3 streams. That’s a huge cost savings for people with many TVs in their house. There are three options to choose from in terms of number of streams. They’re listed below.

3 Streams 5 Streams 10 Streams
Included with Your Cable Package $1.95 per month
(plus cable subscription costs and associated fees)
$4.95 per month
(plus cable subscription costs and associated fees)

The other major difference is the way your DVR will work with D & P TV Streaming. In a traditional cable system, the DVR hard drive is contained inside cable box. But with Streaming, it moves to the cloud. This will allow you to set recordings anywhere you have Internet access, and the app. Cloud DVR differs as well from a traditional DVR in that recordings are available for 120 days and storage is measured in hours, not storage capacity. Another difference in DVR is there are a few channels that do not allow for recording to the cloud, so you cannot record those channels and those are marked on the D & P TV Streaming channel lineup.    We offer 3 different tiers of Cloud DVR, and they are as follows.

50 Total DVR Hrs. 100 Total DVR Hrs. 200 Total DVR Hrs.
$3.95 $4.95 $6.95

What are the Benefits?
The financial benefit to customers is that if they have smart TVs or other streaming devices such as Apple TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast, or an Android TV box they can cut the costs of leasing a cable box from D & P Communications. It also means that your phone or tablet now become a live TV screen. You want to watch Heartland but your partner’s entrenched in a Tiger’s game? Just open the app and your tablet screen becomes a TV and the whole house becomes your entertainment room.

D & P TV Streaming also means you won’t need to run wires throughout your house. Now you can use your WiFi to deliver HD programming throughout your house. For the best WiFi coverage, we recommend using D & P Connect Pro. Our technicians can make sure you get the strongest signal in your house, ensuring your devices can easily stream all the movies, sports, and programming at a quality you’ve come to expect from D & P Communications.

Time to Switch?
We recommend that you speak with a customer service representative to make sure this the best for you. But, if you’ve used streaming devices and apps before, you’ll find the transition easy. Features like Cloud DVR give you more control over how you manage your DVR, and search helps you get to the programming you want faster and easier than ever before. See if you can find savings by building a bundle.

D & P TV Streaming is an exciting new service from D & P that we think you’ll really enjoy. It will give you the freedom to watch your favorite live programming anywhere in your home, and with bring-your-own-device capabilities, it can help lower your overall TV costs.