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Internet Speeds: What They Mean and What They Can Do for You

Internet Speeds: What They Mean and What They Can Do for You

No one likes to sit around and wait forever for a song to download or a movie to buffer. In fact, one study shows that people begin to abandon an online video if it takes more than two seconds to buffer! Here at D & P Communications, we understand that fast Internet speeds are important to our customers. Below, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand the different Internet speeds available and what they can do for you.


Download Speed vs. Upload Speed: What’s the difference?

Two factors play into your overall connection speed: download and upload speeds. Download speed is the rate that data is sent from the Internet to your computer. It determines how quickly and efficiently you can stream music and video or play games on the web. Upload speed is the rate at which data is sent from your computer to the Internet and is used when you’re interacting with web-based applications, such as Facebook and email. Generally, Internet users download much more data than they upload, so a fast download speed is the key for most people when choosing a connection speed.

What Speed Should I Have?

Ideal Internet speeds vary depending on if you’re shopping for a residential connection or a business connection. Here are a few tips to help you determine what’s right for you:

Internet Speeds for Residential Homes

Internet Speeds for Business

D & P Communications offers a wide range of Internet speeds for both residential homes and businesses, which can vary depending on the broadband technology available in your area. Contact D & P today to learn about the options available in your area. Give us a call at 800-311-7340 today!