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Increased Capacity Standards for Businesses

Increased Capacity Standards for Businesses

Your business is always evolving. Your Internet service should too.

Business owners, are you running the same company you were 10 years ago?

While your core business may have stayed the same, chances are the way you do things is changing at a rapid pace. And that means your partners, including your Internet service provider, need to stay ahead of the game in order to help you be successful.

Businesses are using more and more cloud-based services. Whether it’s enterprise-level customer management software or something as simple as using Gmail and sharing files through Dropbox or Google Drive, most businesses today use the cloud in some way … and that means they need more and more bandwidth, on both the download and upload sides.

To keep our services ahead of the curve, we’ve modernized our small and medium-sized business packages … while still keeping our rates affordable. You can get download speeds of 10 Mbps for just $49.95 per month. And even our fastest package — 175 Mbps downloads and 40 Mbps uploads, available now in Adrian and Tecumseh — costs just a little over $6 per day.

Oh, and if you’ve ever been frustrated by going to a service provider’s website and not being able to figure out how much the service will actually cost you, we have good news. Our website lists all of our voice and data packages for small and medium-sized businesses with the rates spelled out in black and white. It’s that simple.

Do you run a larger business that needs enterprise-level phone or data solutions, or do you need a custom quote? We can do that as well. D&P Communications serves everyone from the smallest one-person shops to hospitals and school districts, and we periodically review all of our business contracts to make sure we’re providing what our customers need.

If you want to more about getting your business Internet or phone service through D&P Communications, give us a call at 888-536-2933. Our friendly, locally based business support team will be happy to help you!