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Hosted PBX - A New Phone System For Businesses

Hosted PBX - A New Phone System For Businesses

We’ve written previously on this blog about some of the advanced phone systems we offer for our business clients. But although systems like Switchvox are incredibly powerful, we also know that they’re not for everyone.

The newest addition to our business services lineup, intended for midsized businesses up to about 50 employees, is called a Hosted PBX phone system. (PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange — it’s a private telephone network within your company in which a number of external lines for outside calls are shared by all users.) The “hosted” part means that you no longer need to have a special server installed in your office in order to take advantage of the advanced phone services your business needs. With the exception of a router and the phones themselves, all the hardware is hosted at our offices, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider a Hosted PBX system:

When you sign up for a Hosted PBX plan, your only hardware cost comes from wiring and phones. You don’t have to program a thing — we take care of that for you.

You pay a bundled rate for each phone line, plus a fee for each station that’s based on what features you want for that phone. You can mix-and-match, too — if only a few users in your company need the most advanced features on their stations, that’s all you have to pay for.

The levels of service we offer for the stations themselves are:

We’ve found that many businesses have aging phone systems that will need to be replaced soon, but are hesitating because they think it’ll be a hassle and a huge extra expense. Our Hosted PBX system offers an easy way to get the upgrade you need without breaking the bank.

Because the Hosted PBX service rides on top of our Internet and phone services, you need to be a D&P customer to sign up. But with business data plans starting as low as $49.95 per month, if you’re not a D&P customer yet, we hope you’ll get in touch — we can probably save you money there as well!

To speak to one of our experts, please call 1-888-536-2933. You’ll be glad you did!