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New High Speed Internet Service Areas in Lenawee County

New High Speed Internet Service Areas in Lenawee County

Higher Speeds for Today’s Smart Home

When it comes to the Internet, it is all about speed. Whether you are streaming your favorite shows or just surfing the Internet, you want the best performance. The average household in the United States has ten connected devices and that number is expected to increase to 50 connected devices by 2020. Adding more devices can place a strain on your existing network.

That’s why it is no surprise that in the past year, 37 percent of households reported that their Wi-Fi network seems slow.

Your Internet bandwidth is shared among all of the devices running on your network. So, if you have a lower bandwidth package, and you have a family of four using multiple devices for streaming, gaming, and surfing the Internet, then you might want to consider upgrading your package. We can help you determine the best package for the needs of your household.

*This service area chart is an approximation. Specific service offerings cannot be fully determined without your address.

Please call 800-311-7340 to find out which specific service(s) are available at your home or business