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Getting to Know the President of D & P Communications

Getting to Know the President of D & P Communications

April 5th, 2023

D & P Communications has a 125-year history with deep roots in our local community, and our own Robert (Bob) Parisien shares a similar foundation. From growing up in Petersburg to a 27-year career that has spanned from accountant to now president—we discussed his life and how those roots have shaped him as an individual and a leader.

Looking back at those roots, Bob graduated from Summerfield High School in 1992. He attended Concordia University for his undergraduate studies. He received his Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in accounting in 1996. During his time at Summerfield and Concordia, he was a student athlete who excelled on the baseball field. His experiences as a student athlete taught him important life lessons around the power of teamwork and skills that helped shape him into the leader he is today.

After college, Bob landed his first full-time job working as a general bookkeeper for a CNC Machine Shop out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. From there Bob worked in the accounting offices at Spilman, Hill & Heidebrink and Material Science Corporation. One day in 2008, he received a call from Randy LaRocca, a current employee of D & P, informing him that the company was looking for an accountant. Bob called Dave LaRocca, the former President of D & P, to inquire about the position and was invited to lunch the next day. By that evening, he was extended an offer and as they say, the rest is history.

Bob describes himself as a Christian man who is very driven. He has been married for 22 years to his wife Lisa, and the couple have two wonderful boys Matthew and Connor. When he is not working, you will likely find him enjoying a round of golf, playing cards, lounging on the pontoon boat, and socializing with friends and family.

With now 15 years under his belt at the company, we asked what his favorite part about working for D & P is, and he replied that he loves the fact that the job is never stagnant. “You never know what to expect even when you think you know,” he added. He enjoys working for a company that impacts people’s lives in a positive way. “Being a company that provides broadband we are helping everyone. From industry to industry, small or large businesses, to the young and elderly, we give them the means and opportunity to expand their reach, succeed, connect, and educate,” said Bob.

In addition to his favorite aspects of his working for D & P, he also shed light into what motivates him each day, which he simply said is his need to succeed. He wants to better the lives of the people around him and loves to see people smile and hear them laugh. His biggest learning experience since becoming president is that he cannot do it alone. To be successful in this industry, he believes that he needs to have a loyal, intelligent, driven workforce to provide the types of services D & P delivers. Bob is most proud that the company continues to move the needle forward and is still growing and improving the service offerings.

When asked his opinion on what makes the company successful, Bob stated that he is extremely proud of the team and thankful for the employees that span the company and the unique contributions each brings to D & P. “They are simply the best. They live in the area, and it is their passion to make sure customers are happy. Sometimes their job is difficult, but they perform their job with a smile and focus on a positive customer experience. I really appreciate each employee; they are the heartbeat of the company,” he said. Discussing the company’s commitment to service, Bob recognized the sacrifice that often accompanies many of the employees’ roles. “I want our customers to know how dedicated the D & P staff is to making customers happy. Our staff spends countless hours during very inclement weather keeping services up and running. They spend many sleepless nights upgrading equipment, so services are not interrupted during the day. D & P employees are working to make things better and sometimes those improvements are done while taking time away from their families,” said Bob.

“From the standpoint of my managerial staff, we are a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds that are all within roughly ten years of each other. This group will give the company a stable experienced staff for a minimum of 10-15 years together. Each member is loyal to D & P, they want the best for the customers, employees, and shareholders. They work hard, they sacrifice a lot to keep the company’s services up and running, to keep customers satisfied, and offer products at a reasonable market price,” he added.

This teamwork and commitment are what he attributes to not only the success of the company, but what makes him truly enjoy working at D & P. From the heart of an athlete to now a servant leader, Bob is excited to lead his team at D & P to support the Lenawee and Monroe County communities and continue the company’s legacy of connecting customers to what matters most. As he always says, teamwork makes the dream work!