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Get the Most out of your Business Internet

Get the Most out of your Business Internet

If you are running a business, what are some of the most important features you need to keep things running? One thing that should be at the top of your list is a solid Internet connection. Technology helps every business run to some degree. Connecting you to your customers and the systems you need to serve them is what really matters. From ordering and organizing inventory, completing transactions, and securing your building, to connecting with customers virtually and tracking product deliveries. Without a solid Internet connection, none are possible.

Benefits of Efficient Internet

How can you reach the public in the easiest, fastest way possible? Business Internet has so many ways to connect with not just the local customers, but anyone in the world. Social media, digital advertising, and online ordering help bring people into your business without stepping foot in the door. Getting the right Internet connection assures that the business will run successfully. You have access to the world 24 hours a day so you can work on things when it is most convenient for you. The opportunities are endless as well when you have the invaluable resources that come with the Internet, such as entering orders, communicating with your target audience, managing suppliers, and handling deliveries to customers.

Do You Have the Correct Bandwidth?

Your network’s bandwidth is split among all the users and devices using your network. As the number of employees and devices on your network increases, the available bandwidth divides into smaller pieces, decreasing the speed at which you can work on the Internet. With D & P, we start out with Basic Business Internet that would cover maybe 2 to 3 devices being used at a time. Running more devices requires higher bandwidth. Also, depending on how much upload speed is used, companies may need our Business Plus Internet with higher upload speeds. They are useful for places needing to upload a lot of information, such as data backups, cloud storage, remote employees accessing servers, or scheduling video conferences.

Most Internet service providers are willing to review your current usage data and needs, as well as comparison data from other clients with similar needs to calculate a bandwidth level that matches your needs free of charge. So, it is a good idea to periodically reach out to your provider for a bandwidth assessment.

Wi-Fi vs. Managed Network

Some may not know what the difference is between the Wi-Fi that comes from your router and a managed network. The customers may ask D & P, “Why do we need you to manage the network to get Wi-Fi?” The difference has a lot to do with access points needed within a building and managing switches. Additionally, if you are looking to offer a free Wi-Fi connection to your customers, a managed network would be the safest option to protect your company from any security issues. Your business’ password protects the private networks for employees, guest networks with limited bandwidth and banned website categories, access points, and lower the cost of ownership for hardware.

You can enhance risk management with specialized technical support and a complete system upgrade for optimal security. A managed network provider designs and installs the entire Wi-Fi network and monitors your network remotely to optimize security. This prevents issues that will cause Internet downtime, often before you even are aware of a problem. The cost of a managed network is bundled with your business Internet service and covers the ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and technical support included with the service.


Business Internet has a strong impact on how a company operates every day. You can get more done in less time. That means better productivity and more efficiency, what more can you ask for? Looking at every aspect of your Internet usage and all the programs that operate through it helps you purchase the correct bandwidth for your business. Assessing your needs helps you recognize what to look for when purchasing Internet services. D & P will determine what products are the best fit for your organization.