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Does Your Business Need A Managed Network?

Does Your Business Need A Managed Network?

The way that businesses use the Internet has drastically changed in the past decade. The days of a spotty Wi-Fi connection and miles of Internet cable are over. Today’s businesses need a network that is fast and reliable in order to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance teamwork every single day. Wi-Fi is no longer just convenient, it is now essential to the day-to-day operations of an organization.

Most businesses need to provide wireless access points in their office for multiple types of devices their employees and customers are using. Downtime and connectivity issues with Wi-Fi networks can result in costly productivity losses and frustrated customers and employees. Plus, managing a network can be complex and time consuming for internal staff to manage.

Managed Network Defined

The growing demand for wireless connectivity means that businesses must ensure that their employees, guests, and users have instant and secure Internet throughout their facility.  Many businesses are looking to a professional Managed Network service to ensure their network is always operating at peak performance.

A Managed Network provider designs and installs the entire Wi-Fi network then monitors your network remotely to optimize security. This prevents issues that will cause Internet downtime, often before you even are aware of a problem. The cost of a managed network is bundled with your Internet service and covers the ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and technical support included with the service.

Why Should A Business Consider Managed Network Services?

The number of devices that use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet has increased exponentially in the past decade. Smart phones, smart watches, tablets, thermostats, security systems, and so much more need a Wi-Fi network to access the Internet. It is now essential for a business’s network to provide secure and fast connectivity to a diverse number of devices that require varying speeds for peak performance.

A Managed Network provider can install the right equipment and monitor it constantly to your business can:

How Does A Managed Network Work?

It can be time-consuming and complicated to setup your own Wi-Fi network. It can take up the time of valuable IT staff to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues. For all businesses, outsourcing the Wi-Fi setup and management can enable your team to concentrate on critical business issues instead of dealing with Wi-Fi problems.

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The first step in outsourcing a Managed Network begins with an assessment of the needs of your employees, your guests, and your network. After the assessment, a network is designed, equipment is installed, and the Wi-Fi access is setup for remote monitoring by the Managed Network technicians.

Once a network is active, the Managed Network provider can monitor the performance of the network. They can often detect issues before you notice any problem with connectivity. If a problem arises, the provider is able to access your network remotely to troubleshoot, and if an onsite visit is needed a technician can be dispatched more quickly.

Companies that outsource their Wi-Fi management save themselves the hassle, time, and expenses that can arise with a Wi-Fi network.

Managed Network With D & P Communications

When you have D & P Internet service for your business, you can take advantage of our Managed Network program. This will provide you with a higher level of service and ensure you get the most out of your network.

Businesses that outsource the management of their networks to D & P put the accountability for performance, security, and maintenance into the hands of our highly experienced and responsive technicians.