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D & P Connect Pro

Here at D & P Communications, we recently released our brand-new whole-home Wi-Fi product called D & P Connect Pro. Our standard package includes 3 SuperPods (each pod is equipped with 2 Ethernet ports) strategically placed throughout your home for maximum Wi-Fi coverage. Unlike other mesh network systems, D & P Connect Pro’s SuperPods continuously learn about your Internet. They perform advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most throughout the home. This uses breakthrough cloud-based technology powered by AI (artificial intelligence) to connect your network.

Adaptive Technology

This adaptive technology provides a superior wireless experience that reduces security risks. The smart connection optimizes your network to provide you with better Internet speed and more coverage within your home. It adapts to your online usage while constantly updating itself to increase connection and performance. This predicts your specific Wi-Fi needs everyday based on past user behavior and network interference eliminating instability and unpredictable behavior to improve your customer experience. Connections are customized to support usage, delivering a responsive network for your unique needs.

Parental Controls

You can make the Internet a safer place for your family by managing the type of content that each device or profile can access. You can also approve or block specific websites per device or profile. These device-specific levels have predefined filters like “kid appropriate” or time scheduled presets like “bedtime” and “weeknights.” With these, you can set up time schedules for your family devices. With the option to limit or shut down your Wi-Fi, it helps you connect with your family by disconnecting from devices.

Guest Network

D & P Connect Pro allows you to create custom passwords for each guest and chose which connected devices, such as printers, smart TVs, security cameras, or thermostats, they can access to make them feel at home. Devices with Internet only Wi-Fi passwords will only be connected to the Internet and not any of the connected devices in your home. You can manage your network by setting up individual user profiles, group devices by user, and view network access through the app.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Security

We make sure to filter out suspicious content as your device connects to the Internet, providing you with real-time threat protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, and phishing attacks. We also identify all of your connected devices and continuously monitor them for suspicious activity. If a device is compromised, the SuperPods quarantine the device, preventing the threat from spreading to the rest of your connected devices.

In Conclusion

You deserve the best network connection available. We are doing our best to bring that home for each customer with D & P Connect Pro, our smartest, most powerful home Wi-Fi ever. This lets you take control of your Internet and keep your family and devices safe with all the advanced security features it has to offer. Parental controls help you manage usage times and sites visited. Guest networks provide elements making visitors feel at home when they come by. Artificial Intelligence helps the D & P Connect Pro SuperPods learn how your network needs to be managed and helps create the most efficient connection. So, what are you waiting for?