D & P Communications


What is a CableCARD?

A CableCARD is a one-way device roughly the size of a credit card that can be used with a compatible device to access D & P Communications services without renting a D & P TV Box or TV Adapter. D & P supports CableCARD-compatible devices such as TiVo, Ceton or Silicondust; and CableCARD-ready televisions. If you subscribe to D & P TV service, you have the option of purchasing a CableCARD-compatible device from a retailer or if a D & P TV Box or TV Adapter is not included with your D & P TV service, you can rent a D & P TV Box or TV Adapter.

What is the cost of a CableCARD?

To get a CableCARD from D & P Communications, stop by one of our Local offices.

CableCARDs are $5.95/month

There is a one-time setup fee of $40.00