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Behind the Scenes with a D & P Customer Service Representative

Behind the Scenes with a D & P Customer Service Representative


If you’ve ever had a technical question about your D & P phone, cable or internet service, you’ve talked to someone on our residential help desk. But when you call to set up service, pay a bill, make a change to your account or ask any questions about your service, you’ll end up speaking with one of our nine friendly Customer Service Representatives.

In our continuing effort to give our customers a look behind the scenes at D & P, we asked one of those representatives, Diane Petrovish, to tell us what a day in the life of a Customer Service Representative looks like.

Diane works out of our main office in Petersburg, although all five D&P Communications offices have Customer Service Representatives on hand. Her day often starts before 8 a.m., and over the course of an average day, she’ll deal with just about any type of question a customer might have about their account. Diane says she enjoys the fact that she gets to help people and do something different every day.

In addition to things like processing payments or making sure customers’ records are up to date, our Customer Service Representatives can answer just about any question you might have about your D & P service. If you’re a new customer, you might be trying to decide what Cable TV package to sign up for, or you might need help figuring out how much bandwidth you need for your Internet connection. Or if you’re an existing customer, you may want to add a phone line, change your level of Internet service, or upgrade to a Cable package with more channels.

Customer Service Representatives need to have good organizational skills, but most of all, they need to be friendly and experienced with providing the best possible customer service.

So if you have a question about your service, or if you’re interested in signing up for phone, cable or Internet service from D & P, give one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives a call today!