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An Update on the AMC Network Negotiation

An Update on the AMC Network Negotiation

Last month, we told you about our ongoing negotiations with AMC Networks, the company that operates AMC in addition to several other channels like IFC, SundanceTV, WeTV and BBC America. You may remember that we, along with many other independent Cable providers across the country, thought we might have to drop the AMC networks and insert replacement channels if an acceptable agreement couldn’t be reached.

That change would have affected 93% of D&P Communications’ customers, so we’re glad to report that after a lot of negotiation, AMC Networks will remain part of our Cable lineup.

D&P is part of the National Cable Television Cooperative, a network of 850-plus independent providers across the United States. Working through the NCTC is what helps us level the playing field when we’re negotiating with much larger companies — and that’s a critical part of helping us keep prices reasonable for you.

The final deal still represents an increase in what D&P will pay for those channels — we estimate that our payments to AMC will go up by about 29% this year — but it’s enough of an improvement over AMC’s original proposal that we felt we could agree to it without causing an undue burden on our customers.

The D&P team is constantly negotiating with content providers to make sure our customers get the best possible deal. This is just one example. As your locally owned Cable provider, it’s our job to look out for our you. After all, you’re not just our customers — you’re our friends and neighbors too.