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Enjoy the Most Advanced Technology Available
with Fiber Optics

We are continuously expanding and maintaining miles of fiber optic cables connecting the communities we serve to each other and to people and places around the globe. We are connected to the Internet backbone at multiple peering points in Chicago, Southfield, and Toledo.


Serving Over 20,000 Residential Users

We are proudly serving residents in Lenawee and Western Monroe counties with our top of the line Internet, TV, and phone services. Our network provides service not only to local residents in the towns we serve, but also in remote homes and farms throughout the area. We currently offer up to 1G Internet download speeds in the towns and up to 50 Mbps Internet download speeds in remote areas. We offer many video entertainment options for every budget and viewing style.


Serving Over 1,300 Businesses

We are proud to serve over 1,300 commercial entities in the local area, including small-to-large businesses, hospital systems, K-12 school districts, higher education, non-profits, manufacturing and municipalities including:

Our community partners are also a key element of our brand. D & P Communications is honored to
work with over 200 local organizations and associations.

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Bringing You a Faster, More Reliable Network
with Fiber Optics

Smart Homes. Smart Businesses. Smart Communities.


We're In Your Neighborhood

Our roots run deep. D & P Communications started in Deerfield and Petersburg as a small local business over 100 years ago. We've never lost our local focus and still maintain five retail locations for your convenience.


Find Out What People Are Saying About D & P Communications

Our mission is to serve you. It's all about our community. Find out what others are saying about their experiences with D & P Communications.


"I Can Use Multiple Devices without Interruption"

Review from Lexi M.

D&P Communications has been my service provider for several years following their buyout of TC3net. They have excellent customer service at their local service locations. They have great Internet service, which is reliable and with the new fiber optic lines installed and high DSL, I am able to work from home for my clients without interruptions and run multiple devices on my home Wi-Fi systems without lag time.


"Always Great Service"

Review from Toni S.


"Wish I'd Switched to D & P Sooner"

Review from Robert S.

Fantastic! D & P advertised 110 MBPS download. I am getting - through my router 107 MBPS. Upload speed is 23 MBPS. Can't argue with that can you? Compare to Frontier DSL which was 3.5 MBPS download (they promised 10 I think) and 0.25 MBPS upload. Pathetic! They started out with at about 8.5 MBPS and then after a couple weeks I was lucky to hit 4 MBPS! This was after they begged for me to stay with them! Well finally I switched. I wish I would have done it sooner! D & P came out, installed the equipment quickly an efficiently. The installer was knowledgeable and professional. They arrived around the time they said they would - a little earlier actually. I'm so happy! I'll update later if anything changes but, freak'n awesome so far...


"Great Reliable

Review from Kevon B.

We have D & P for our home in Blissfield. Great reliable service! Also have a business account in Tecumseh for symmetrical fiber, and it's been almost 100% without interruption. The one time we slowed speed for a couple hours, we were warned 48hrs in advance. Great company!








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