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5 Key Factors When Choosing a Managed IT Partner

5 Key Factors When Choosing a Managed IT Partner

There are a lot of managed IT companies out there today. So, it can be hard to discern which one is the right fit for your business. Interviewing will obviously be part of the process for most businesses, but what are the right questions? We have compiled a list of five key factors that can help you choose which company is the right one for you. As both a telecommunications provider and a managed IT company we know a few things about working with partners to ensure our clients have the best service possible.

Factor 1: Experience

Like your business, not all managed IT companies are the same. Finding a partner with experience in your field is important to ensure when problems arise, they will be dealt with effectively and efficiently. Ask your potential IT partner to provide you with a list of clients within your field.

If your business is a highly regulated industry, finding a partner with experience or certifications in your relevant requirements and compliances is important.

Factor 2: Longevity

It is true that companies do come and go. Managed IT firms are no different. But when it comes to your business, fly-by-night businesses simply will not cut it. Time and experience go hand in hand, so it is important to do your research. Using things like reviews and customer feedback are some things that can help you know how long a company has been in business in addition to whether the company is doing an excellent job.

Longevity is also about the future. A company can be around for a while but might not be in the best position for the future. It is reasonable for you to find out the sales growth of prospective partners as well as how long most companies stay with them. They are interviewing to be your business partner; transparency is paramount to ensure success for both parties.

Factor 3: Diverse Knowledge 

Your business does not use just one technology to keep everything running, does it? Of course not. Therefore, your technology partner cannot be limited either. If your business relies heavily on phone communications, a deep understanding of phone systems and telephony is essential to keep you up and always running. But the phone is obviously not the only way you conduct important business. An understanding of all the ways your business operates must be a factor. The business partner you choose needs to have knowledge in all areas outsourced to them.

Like Factor 1 – Experience, speaking with similar business clients will help you determine if a business partnership with them will be a great fit for your company.

Factor 4: Robust Support

Good support seems self-explanatory when it comes to being a managed IT company. However, great support is harder to come by than you might think. Smaller IT companies may not be able to accommodate 24/7/365 support needs. If you need technical support to troubleshoot something on a holiday, do they have someone available?

The lack of robust support can put you in the position of being down for a weekend, losing money and customers. No matter how much you save from using a vendor it will not seem worth it when you are in that position.

Find a provider that can offer technical support, remote, or on-site support when your business needs it. Hopefully, you never do, but it is best to have that security no matter what.

Factor 5: Scalability

Be honest with yourself. If there is anything we know over the last few years it is that shrinking, and industrywide changes can happen as well. Finding out if they have a minimum threshold, they work with is also important. As difficult as that reality can be, knowing you have a business partner that can make those dynamic shifts, and have done so before, will give you peace of mind as you enter a partnership.


There are a wide range of options when it comes to managed IT vendors in Lenawee and Monroe counties. While D & P Communications offer this service to our clients; we want them to know we will be a “perfect fit.” It is our goal to make sure you succeed. In doing so we want to help our clients set clear expectations for their IT needs and ensure that it fits into their whole communications arrangement. Setting clear goals and expectations with your vendor and laying out your needs is priority number one. If you do not know what those goals are, sitting down with our team and establishing those would be a great first step. No matter who you choose to work with, the partner should have one goal in mind, developing a technology strategy that is centered around your business.