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Introducing D & P TV Streaming

By: marketing | Published August 12, 2022

In July 2022, D & P is releasing a new way for customers in our fiber areas to watch live TV. Traditionally D & P used cable boxes to deliver its television to customers’ homes. This limited the experience to just televisions. But now, our fiber customers, can switch to a new streaming app to receive their cable on most devices in their home.  There are some key benefits and differences that will need to be...

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Employee Spotlight: Marcy Brown – Business Development Manager

By: marketing | Published August 9, 2022

In our Employee Spotlight, we introduce someone who many around Lenawee County already know. For over three decades she’s served the community in banking and in philanthropic roles. But today we’ll learn more about who she is and find out everything from her favorite ice cream to her favorite game—one she’s loved since growing up in Africa. Who Are You? “My name is Marcy Brown, I’m the Business Developme...

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FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

By: marketing | Published April 6, 2022

Thanks For Your Interest The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a FCC program to help eligible households pay for internet service. Eligible households can enroll in the program to receive a monthly discount off the cost of broadband Internet service. D & P Communications (Deerfield Farmers’ Telephone Company) has been approved as an Affordable Connectivity Program provider.&...

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