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How D&P Communications can help your business

By: marketing | Published May 19, 2017

Whether you operate a restaurant, a repair shop, a consulting business, a doctor’s office, or a salon, you didn’t get into business so you could spend all your time managing your phone system or your computer network. You got into business to do something you love and something you’re good at — and the tools you use should just work. That’s what D&P Communications is here for. Our business is keeping you connecte...

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An Update on the AMC Network Negotiation

By: marketing | Published February 8, 2016

Last month, we told you about our ongoing negotiations with AMC Networks, the company that operates AMC in addition to several other channels like IFC, SundanceTV, WeTV and BBC America. You may remember that we, along with many other independent Cable providers across the country, thought we might have to drop the AMC networks and insert replacement channels i...

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Custom Packages For Your Business

By: marketing | Published January 11, 2016

Every business is different. That’s why, in addition to the business services you can see on our website, D&P Communications offers customized voice and data packages so we can meet your needs as efficiently as possible. Let’s say you run a small store with just a few employees. You may not need any more than a data connection for your credit card machine and a...

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