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3 steps to avoid email phishing

3 Steps to Avoid Email Phishing

By: marketing | Published January 22, 2020

Have you ever received an email stating you “won $1,000,000” or that you need to “update your credit card information”? It sounds like you were most likely targeted by email phishing. Phishing is a technique that hackers use to trick people into giving out their personal details or account information. Scammers use emails or text messages with fabricated messaging to gain passwords, account numbers, or even a soci...

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is your router slowing you down?

Is Your Router Slowing You Down?

By: marketing | Published January 2, 2020

If you have noticed that the Internet has slowed down on your smart devices, evaluating the equipment connecting your home is a good place to look. Bandwidth usage has grown immensely over the years. When a house used to have 2-4 devices on average in 2012, the household now averages at about 10-12 devices in 2020. Not only are there more devices being used in a home, but we are using them for more of our daily tasks such...

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5 tips for safer internet browsing

5 Tips for Safer Internet Browsing

By: marketing | Published December 30, 2019

The Internet is how we connect to nearly every facet of our lives. From communicating with friends and family to watching television, using the internet has changed the way we interact with the world. As wonderful as these advances in technology have been, they’re not without downsides. Scammers and hacker are a constant threat to our lives. It’s not just businesses that are affected, but also communities and our ...

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