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Community Involvement is at the Heart of D & P Communications

By: marketing | Published October 14, 2019

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” That quote from Herman Melville captures the D & P Communications philosophy – both literally and figuratively! Not only do we spend our time laying fiber network throughout our community, but we also invest in building connections with our customers and our neighbors. D & P Communications is a local company that has...

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Your Local Connection

By: marketing | Published April 26, 2019

by Robert Parisien, President of D & P Communications In 1898, D & P Communications was formed to solve a problem: bringing phones into rural homes in the Deerfield community. The evolution of our organization has seen the expansion of service areas, types of services, and rapid technology changes unknown to man before our recent history. Through these many changes, challenges, and decades, we have remained dedicated...

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You Have the Need, the Need for Speed

By: marketing | Published March 21, 2019

We’ve quickly moved from the days of weird buzzing, dial-up routers, and chat rooms to binge watching and headphoned gaming evenings requiring lots of data. If buffering (or glitching as the kids say) is a problem in your home, it’s time to take a look at your current home internet needs. With so many options for internet speed, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to figure out what is the best fit for your home an...

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